Resume Assistance

The purpose of a resume is to capture the interest of a prospective employer sufficiently to obtain an interview. You have heard the phrase, "Form over substance." Here is a situation where both matter! We have segmented our guidance accordingly to help you achieve your desired result.

Most resumes are now submitted electronically; the same advice applies. Instead of a "cover letter" you should always have an introductory e-mail that represents the same purpose. When having an actual face-to-face interview, you should ALWAYS bring a hard copy of your resume (have several copies).


  • Make your resume easy to read and either computer generated or professionally printed. A professional looking product will make a favorable impression.
  • Limit your resume to two pages; summarize experience beyond 20 years.
  • Include a personalized cover letter that is enthusiastic and to the point. Summarize your skills and experience, salary requirements and contact information.
  • Print on good quality white, off-white or gray paper.
  • It's important - proofread, use spell check, have friends read, get a colleague to read; make sure there are no grammatical errors - it's very important!
  • Don't overdo the underlining, bold type, italics and capitalization; keep your presentation simple.


  • Highlight personal contact information (name, address, cell phone number, email, and/or fax number), a clear objective, experience (company name and location, dates employed, skills, responsibilities and achievements), industry associations and education.
  • Detail your responsibilities and use industry buzzwords to catch the employer's attention. Indicate skills and training that are relevant to your job search.
  • Use positive, action-oriented words to describe your accomplishments.
  • Quantify results of accomplishments and achievements either monetarily, with numbers or percentages.
  • Do not include references. Have them listed in a separate document and only submit them when asked.
  • Do not include personal information.
  • A link that may be helpful in preparing your resume is:

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