Position:                      Sales Representative
Reporting:                   Vice President, Sales
Location:                     National

The Company

This is a national direct marketing and print services company with multiple locations nationally.  Annual revenue +/- $1bb.

The Position

The Sales Executive’s primary role is to drive profitable growth through identification of principal platform opportunities. This will be accomplished through facilitating a collaborative environment to ensure appropriate resource deployment.  Securing accounts will rely heavily on access to the client’s key decision maker.  The Sales Executive will also have the ability to indentify cross-platform opportunities and will partner with the Enterprise Business Development Executives to secure the sale.

Sales Executives are experts at understanding the client’s business. They are able to identify the needs, goals and objectives of the client and marshal the appropriate resources to set strategy in order to build and deliver solutions that result in the close of the sale.

Performance Metrics:

  • Sales plan vs. Attainment
  • Forecast vs. attainment
  • Existing client revenue vs. New Business Revenue
  • Proposals/estimates vs. Contracts/Jobs


  • Develops Sales Leads
    • Demonstrates the initiative to uncover sales opportunities; actively attracts the interest of potential customers; networks to increase contacts; stays on top of market conditions to uncover new leads; consistently follows up with leads to assess their interest in the product/service offering. Maintains knowledge and understanding of customer’s business to recognize opportunities for growth.
  • Qualifies Prospects
    • Uses a formula or series of questions to determine the prospect’s fit with the product/service; expects to sell to the majority of prospects since they are known to need the seller’s products; reacts quickly and objectively to the answers to standard probes by disqualifying the prospect or proceeding through the selling process.
  • Makes Persuasive Presentations
    • Excites the customer with an enthusiastic presentation style; demonstrates value and actively promotes products and services by making an emotional appeal; holds the customer’s attention and interest by keeping the presentation content relevant; varies style to build toward a buying decision. Understands and leverages the company’s offerings.
  • Maximize Results by Partnering with Appropriate Resources
    • Consistently achieves above-average sales results by understanding the customer’s business, understanding their objectives and setting a plan to meet their needs. Tirelessly focuses on building strong relationships with customers by acting on their behalf to work the company’s internal systems to meet their requirements.  Collaborates with a network of support resources to satisfy customer requirements. 
  • Gains access to key decision makers at appropriate levels
    • Understands the client organization and structure to create dialogue with owners at the appropriate level. Educates senior level management contacts on value proposition and benefits available via a long term, collaborative partnership. Works diligently to ensure appropriate touch points within client are maximized, building a circle of collaboration around the process.
  • Implements ‘solution selling’ best practices.
    • Utilizes Customer First selling principles to define areas of opportunity within acquisition target. Creates strategy, dialogue, and presentation around client needs. Understands client priorities and promotes benefits to be derived by a long term, continuity relationship.  Partners with Enterprise Business Development Executive when cross-platform opportunities exist.
  • Close the Deal.
    • Relentlessly works with prospects/customers to close the sale.  Develops and presents well-structured proposals to gain prospect’s/customer’s commitment to implement the solution.


  • Consultative Selling:
    • Builds credibility, trust and perceived value.
    • Works in a collaborative fashion with the prospect/customer to understand and identify business issues, strategies and priorities.
    • “Owns” customer objectives and provides leadership to help meet them.
    • Develops and recommends solutions in response to the prospect’s/customer’s needs. 
    • Articulates how recommended solutions meet the prospect’s/customer’s objectives.
    • Facilitates in developing a targeted solution using all resources within the company.
    • Understands and articulates the value of the company’s capabilities as part of the total solution.
    • Positions the company’s solution by comparing company strengths and weaknesses against those of competitors.
    • Articulates the overall value of doing business with the company.
  • Client focus:
    • Develops, maintains and manages customer relationships at functional and executive levels throughout the organization.
    • Works tirelessly to ensure customer satisfaction.
    • Understands the customer’s business strategies and initiatives, and their compelling reasons to act, in order to apply the company’s solutions in support of the business.
    • Puts the needs and interests of both internal and external customers first.
    • Anticipates future customer needs and satisfies current customer expectations and demands.
  • Business Acumen:
    • Applies basic financial concepts in analyzing prospect’s/customer’s finances and/or financial decision-making process for the purpose of recommending solutions.
    • Develops and presents costs and benefits to financially justify recommended solutions in response to customer needs.
    • Uses tools and resources to build financial business case.
    • Ability to dissect a P&L statement, a balance sheet and the relationship between them and feel psychologically comfortable in doing so.
    • Demonstrates a comprehensive awareness of the impact and implications of decisions and actions on other individuals, departments and the company.
    • Understands the business products and services of the company.
  • Communication, Presentation and Influencing Skills:
    • Creates and delivers persuasive presentations.
    • Has strong written and verbal communication skills including strong platform skills.
    • Writes clear and compelling client communications.
    • Effectively negotiates agreements.
    • Projects knowledge and confidence – able to quickly establish credibility with clients and prospects.
    • Able to gain access to and establish relationships with key decision makers.
  • Drive for Results/Execution:
    • Demonstrates initiative and continual drive and establishes goals for self and others.
    • Effectively executes work and achieves objectives rather than passively complying with instructions.
    • Does not give up when faced with resistance or setbacks.
  • Problem-solving and Decision-making:
    • Employs a systematic set of procedures, internal resources, and past experiences to build a logical approach to solving business problems.
    • Creates several viable solutions and identifies all benefits, risks, and consequences associated with each solution.
    • Examines all solutions and executes the most appropriate course of action.
  • Team Participation/Effectiveness and Leadership:
    • Consistently contributes to the accomplishment of team objectives.
    • Fosters collaboration as a team leader toward solutions which generally benefit all involved parties.
    • Presents own ideas in a convincing manner, yet is open to other’s input and suggestions.
    • Ability to manage a team of people over whom little or no hierarchical authority exists.
    • Ability to facilitate dialogue between the seller and the customer, and get others involved to suggest ideas, devise solutions, and make decisions faster, better and deeper than the competition.
  • Ethics and Integrity:
    • Upholds the interest of the company, its customers and stakeholders with the highest integrity.
    • Maintains confidences and is widely trusted.
    • Keeps commitments to customers, co-workers and employees.
    • Understands and practices the company’s core values.
  • Planning/Organizing:
    • Establishes a systematic course of action for self or others to assure accomplishment of a specific objective.
    • Determines priorities and allocates time and resources effectively.
    • Demonstrates the ability to successfully complete a variety of tasks and/or responsibilities by effectively determining priorities and by finding ways to get things done more efficiently.
    • Finds new and smarter ways to do things efficiently rather than relying on more traditional work methods.
    • Able to quickly focus in on and prioritize critical needs and put less important matters aside.
  • Innovation and Creativity:
    • Challenges own perspective for thinking, examines problems from various perspectives.
    • Uses new developments to create new and more effective products and services.
    • Recognizes and encourages creativity and innovation in others.
    • Open to new ideas and suggestions.

Requirements and Experience

  • A Sales Executive needs to have at least 3 years experience selling services to Fortune 1000 companies and a history of meeting and exceeding sales goals through the aggressive development of new business.  
  • Experience helping clients improve business performance through consultative selling and developing and delivering compelling business presentations to key decision makers are required. 
  • Experience using business metrics and strong closing, communication and organizational skills are also required.
  • Print/advertising solutions sales experience and bachelors’ degree are preferred. - Click to email