Our Proven Process: Clients

We conduct an in depth discussion to understand the client’s strategic and tactical direction, document the requirements of the open position, desired skills and demonstrated behaviors of other successful associates. We also obtain compensation and benefit details.

We brainstorm potential candidates from personal networks; leverage our proprietary database and other sources and methods to search for qualified candidates.

We identify possible candidates and contact them to assess match and interest level.

Once interest is confirmed the candidate is interviewed to determine fit with your culture and the position.

We present the best qualified candidates; this presentation includes written resume, executive summary of interview (including current compensation requirements) and oral discussion if so desired.

Client interviews are coordinated by us as well as post interview feedback – both candidate and client.

Once a candidate has been selected, before any offer is extended, we will conduct a minimum of three references and provide a written summary of each as well as verify education.

We provide our recommendation when an offer is prepared and will deliver to the candidate as appropriate.

We will always represent your company with professionalism, honesty and integrity. We pride ourselves in understanding your business and providing marketplace feedback to you.

We will work with you to custom tailor a financial relationship that benefits your company and ours.

We guarantee all candidates for a mutually agreed period of time. We will use our best efforts in conducting a replacement search if needed, at no cost to your company beyond a candidates’ travel.

Obviously, any of the above services can be altered or tailored to complement your company’s internal processes. - Click to email