Our Proven Process: Candidates

Once we receive a candidate resume we conduct a detailed review of the document and catalog the information in our proprietary database. The resume is maintained in strict confidence and will not be shared without the candidate's permission.

When potential matches occur we will conduct a prescreening review to determine basic fit and interest.

Candidates are required to share salary history as well as details of any outstanding non-compete agreements.

If there is a preliminary fit, we will conduct a more in-depth interview to assess experience as it relates to the specified position.

Once we determine that the candidate is a potential fit for an existing opportunity we will identify our client, and request the candidate to research the company and get back to us with interest.

If there is interest, we will request a preliminary reference list and approval for a random reference pre-check.

Our detailed assessment, along with the candidate resume and preliminary reference information will be sent to the hiring manager, along with a request for a preliminary interview (usually via telephone).

Interviews are coordinated by us as well as pre-interview preparation and post interview feedback - both candidate and client.

Once a candidate has been selected, before any offer is extended we will conduct a minimum of three references and provide a written summary of each, as well as verify education.

We will deliver the offer to the candidate, and provide offer negotiation guidance as appropriate.

We will always maintain the confidentiality of our candidates, and represent candidates with professionalism, honesty and integrity. - Click to email